• Create new knowledge to develop human resource potential in the locality and promote strategies for local development.


  • Create knowledge and develop human resources to be a leader in academic matter and high professional level to sustainably develop locality and quality in education.


  1. Produce and develop human resources of graduate level to meet the needs of the locality and the ASEAN labor market.
  2. Give academic services and develop new knowledge which respond to problem solving of the locality and the ASEAN community.
  3. Create collaborative network with organizations both in the locality and among ASEAN countries.


  1. To upgrade the educational standards in the graduate level of the institute to be acknowledged by the locality, the country, and abroad.
  2. To develop quality of graduate students to be accepted by the locality and the community.
  3. To develop the quality of teaching and learning arrangement of graduate level to universal standards.
  4. To develop new knowledge to be applied to solve the locality’s problems.