Donc on est parti, ctrl+shift+p et rechercher le plugin en question. As a relative newbie to sublime 3 I am trying to set up the sublime-linter plugin to check HTML and CSS files. SublimeLinter.sublime-settings : CSS LINT, TIDY HTML LINTER SETTINGS - SublimeLinter.sublime-settings The issue I have is that having installed HTMLTidy and CSSLint and the relevant plugins that in HTML files the csslint is throwing validation errors for the element in … Next up is SublimeLinter, which provides amazing ESLint and JSHint integration into Sublime. Linting your code is an important step in the process. I know in the new version of sublimelinter, all the linters now have to be installed separately. Labels linting, SublimeLinter, css, css3, less, sass, scss. Ask Question Asked 6 years ago. If need be, you will just have to configure jshint "lintering options" (most probably using .jshintrc files, without any Sublime Linter user setting needed). I'm running Sublime Text 2.0.2 with SublimeLinter v1.7 [1]. I've tried a number of settings for the executable map. Sublime Linter 3 is a plugin for Sublime Text that provides the framework to lint all the programming languages we use for development. It will be used with files that have the “CSS” syntax, or within