There are some speedier alternatives available through third parties, such the Cronofy or Planyway Power-Ups. Trello 좀 더 잘 쓰기. Planyway is an interesting Chrome extension that improves the functionality of the Trello web app by a smoothly integrating a calendar. "It's easy to use and gives you plenty for its free version. 28. There are also agenda and team timeline view where you can track your daily tasks and assign cards to team members using drag-and-drop feature. Planyway - 달력 보여주는 기능. Planyway for Trello has flexible views that make your project management more productive: 3 days, a week, the work week and a month view. 5. "Trello is like all the little sticky notes, journals with random thoughts and passwords, and brain dumps all digitally organized. Planyway是使用Trello管理时间和团队工作的日历和团队时间表。 在Trello中使用日历对时间和行程计划进行可视化管理: 在日历视图中轻松创建Trello卡片(Card) 查看所有日程板(Board)上的任务 按时间计划您的工作 连接Google日历、Outlook、Apple日历等 使用团队时间表管理团队合作项目: 使用类似甘 …

22:31 스케쥴 관리 용도로 트렐로 (Trello) 를 종종 쓰고 있는데, 페친님이 트렐로 관련 부가 기능들을 설명해 둔 글을 올려서 관련해서 세팅 해 보았다. Planyway, Power ups, Next Step 준호씨 2018. See also
Click the gear icon in the top right corner of Trello for Desktop to create custom shortcuts to open the app, as well as a Quick Add shortcut to create a card from wherever you are.

I love that there's a free version and it's super easy to use." We estimate that Google Calendar and other third party applications update their external feeds approximately once per day, but that is dependent on how frequently the third party application pings the Trello servers.

Trello for desktop now offers more granular keyboard shortcuts, as well as the ability to set custom ones.