While the release notes describe the performance improvements, in today's post Stephen also …

COVID-19 Detection Based on Chest X-ray Images Dataset I used total 798 sample images, 399 for COVID-19 and 399 normal X-ray images. Work with your files from anywhere, share with others.

In today's post, Stephen discusses how to take advantage of recent performance improvements when indexing into tables.

For more information, see how to Find Array Elements That Meet a Condition.

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For more information, see Create Functions in Files. Access MATLAB Drive.

Functions provide more flexibility, primarily because you can pass input values and return output values.

Today I'd like to introduce a guest blogger, Stephen Doe, who works for the MATLAB Documentation team here at MathWorks.

In addition, functions avoid storing temporary variables in the base workspace and can run faster than scripts. Subscribe to this channel to learn about all of the latest activities and updates! Whether you're analyzing data, developing algorithms, or creating models, MATLAB ® is designed for the way you think and the work you do. Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. Access new product features, new product offerings, or free trials.

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You can use those logical values to index into an array or execute conditional code. Download the latest MATLAB and Simulink product updates from the MathWorks Download Center.

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