When I restarted the Mac, a file with a question mark was flashing on the screen so I booted it in recovery mode again and tried to reinstall os-X. This is anything but. Mac 911 has the answer, though it's a slightly irritating one. How do I fix that problem ? Mac中安装Homebrew(解决权限问题Permission denied) ... ,Red hat有yum,Ubuntu有apt-get. [Errno 13] Permission denied I had this same issue previously when trying to install Fusion 360. When I attempt to login I get a permission denied message despite using my correct password. mac 下终端访问文件出现“Permission Denied”解决方案:一个文件有3种权限,读、写、可执行,你这个文件没有可执行权限,需要加上可执行权限。1. The only way I could get the software to run was by downloading direct from the Mac App store. It gets all the way to installing it when it says the install has failed and has been doing so for about 3-4 times now.

After moving my shared folders from one Mac OSX user account to another (which seems to have screwed up the OSX permissions for these folders), I've been having trouble each time I boot up my virtual XP machine under VMWare Fusion (using latest version of XP, latest version of VMWare, latest version of OSX, on a 2008 MacBook Pro). When using Save As, a reader keeps getting a message that they lack permission to save files. I have paid considerable sum of money to purchase the Kontact Ultimate and Native Access was supposed to make access 'easy' and helpful. When I try to empty the trash, it says I dont have permission. So I right-clicked on the file to Get info and give permission to “read and write” the file. Hi, I have put a file into my trash.

Can someone please assist without asking me to supply details from my computer. 终端下先 cd到该文件的目录下2. But, when I do the Get info, it says in the Sharing and permission section (below) “You have no permission”.