Remote Config parameters are key-value pairs, but the value is assigned based on a condition you define based on the user’s Google Analytics data. Now that the event is configured in the app, revenue and price variables need to be created in Google Tag Manager. User properties are effectively sticky event parameters that are automatically logged when you call logEvent. About user properties. Also maybe try to add in iOS Project Settings -> iOS Build -> Additional mtouch arguments, this value: --registrar:static When your app has features or behavior that correspond to Firebase events, you benefit from logging the events detailed here, as well as events for the app type (retail and ecommerce, travel, or games).Logging events along with their prescribed parameters ensures maximum available detail in reports and lets you benefit from the latest Firebase features and integrations as they become available. The aim of this tutorial is to show how to integrate Firebase Analytics on a Ionic/Angular Native App, to start using the all in one (Web + App) Analytics tool. But currently I'm using NuGet package Xamarin.Firebase.iOS.Analytics and it works properly. Content. Analytics automatically logs some events and user properties; you don't need to add any code to enable them.However, Analytics also allows you to log custom or predefined events within your app. ... FirebaseAnalytics().logEvent(name: 'name',parameters:null); You might create parameters that activate based on geographic location, device, audience segment, and more. In this case it is the af_revenue and af_price parameters but you can send any event parameters. How you can do this will be explained below. It’s a first post of a serie about Firebase Analytics, in which we pretend to cover following topics: Add Firebase Analytics support on native apps. Google Analytics for firebase is the place where all the data that mobile developers’ need is at one place ! Most in-app events require event value parameters. Usage. Analytics also offers folks the ability to log Custom Events. Create a parameter from the Firebase console. @DavidDupuis unfortunately, I don't remember how I fixed it. Create Parameters. Analytics offers a wealth of Predefined Events to track user behavior. Developer Advocate When Firebase Auth launched at Google I/O 2016, it allowed your users to create an account on your app where they signed in with an email address and a password. These variables are used later on in the Purchase event tag. We track events using the logEvent() method provided by the Firebase SDK, this method takes two parameters: name — A String representing the name of the event. Set user properties to identify static or slowly changing attributes of your users, such as "spender=true", "profession=engineer", or "favorite_team=Real Madrid".