3. You can change the name of the calendar, or change the color of these entries. If you would like to sync the calendar to your device, click the Google calendar button at the bottom right. When you sync multiple calendars, you will be able to view them at once, and when you make changes to the calendars they will be reflected on all the devices the calendars are synced to. But sometimes shared Google calendar not showing up on iPhone device.

I started seeing dupes again, but was able to get rid of them by saving settings in iphoneselect google web page. On iOS 8, click the Calendars button at the bottom of the screen. Free, click here!

Add the account on your phone, then edit the details for that account and enter the address from #2 above as the URL for the calendar… View your shared calendar in your calendar app. Google Secondary Calendars are essential if you are using to schedule your school, business events as a separate entry. You should now see multiple calendars listed under your account instead of just the primary one you had before. For each non-main calendar, go to the calendar details on the Google Calendar web site and look for the "ICAL" icon under the "Calendar Address" section.

Syncing with your iPhone Please ensure that the language of Google's site is set to English for your iPhone Go back to the calendar application and you will have all your calendars you have selected.

The Fort Wayne Baha’i calendar can be linked to the calendar app on your iPhone or Android phone. Sign into your Google account if prompted. From a PC or laptop, open Google Calendar (https://calendar.google.com). On the iPhone, you'll want to open the default calendar app. Depending on your portable device(s), you may have a few more steps to perform: Calendar Instructions. Uncheck and recheck birthday secondary calendar and press save.

Open your calendar app and open calendars in the top left corner. To only view the calendars that pertain to you, click the arrow at the top right corner to deselect calendars. You have now subscribed to the Beth Shalom Master Calendar. You can share secondary calendar with your colleague or your office assistant and you can give access to […] source: Google If you have several Google Calendars, you can easily sync them into one common calendar. To add this to your calendar, please click on the plus sign on the bottom right of the calendar.

Being able to use the Google Calendar on your device is one great way for you to compile all of your meetings, family gatherings, and some other person or business-related schedules. From Google Calendar, you can edit the event to set up alerts, for example. I was also able to recreate the problem by selecting the birthday calendar with the red package icon under iPhone calendars. Sign in with your Google account to add the appropriate calendars. If you already have a Gmail account, setup is fairly simple. Need a Google account? If you don’t, hit the refresh button in the bottom left corner or just give it 5-10 minutes to pull in your new calendars. If a task was synced to your Google Calendar, you will see a small "G" icon next to the time of the task. Click the icon to go to the event in your Google Calendar. Google used to have a pretty neat sync utility that automatically matched anything added to Google Calendar to Outlook.