The change allows users to create a profile with the type “EC2InstanceMetadata” which can then simply be used as the source profile for the assume role credential profile. roles - The list of roles assigned to the instance profile. If no value is specified, boto3 will attempt to search the shared credentials file and the config file for the default profile. Instance profile: Set of policies for running in an ElasticBeanStalk application. The acronym stands for Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface because, as its name suggests, users operate it from the command line.

You can submit feedback & requests for changes by submitting issues in this repo or by making proposed changes & submitting a pull request. This scenario is a non-issue if you’re using the AWS CLI.

You only need to set this variable if you want to change this location. » Import Instance Profiles … path - The path of the instance profile in IAM. We can attach roles to an EC2 instance, and that allows us to give permission to EC2… role - The role assigned to the instance profile. In order to add other user, you can use --profile option with profile name. The base64 format expects binary blobs to be provided as a base64 encoded string. This eventually lead to a change in the botocore module, on top of which both the CLI and the Python SDK are built. This is a default credential for your AWS CLI. - awsdocs/aws-codedeploy-user-guide TL;DR… Service role: Set of policies for creating the ElasticBeanStalk application environment. The open source version of the AWS CodeDeploy User Guide. AWS_PROFILE The default profile to use, if any. IAM Roles are used to granting the application access to AWS Services without using permanent credentials. --cli-binary-format (string) The formatting style to be used for binary blobs. AWS CLI is a tool that pulls all the AWS services together in one central console, giving you easy control of multiple AWS services with a single tool.

The AWS docs are extensive and a mite obtuse when it comes to the use cases of instance profiles, see docs. The raw-in-base64-out format preserves compatibility with AWS CLI V1 behavior and binary values must be passed literally. By default this value is ~/.aws/config.
Policy: A set of IAM rules, e.g. (Deprecated) unique_id - The unique ID assigned by AWS.

How do I specify that I want to use Instance profile credentials when using the AWS CLI from within my EC2 instance? I found a feature request on GitHub from 2015. name - The instance profile's name. AWS_CONFIG_FILE The location of the config file used by boto3. The default format is base64. the docs say: Instance profile credentials – these credentials can be used on EC2 instances with an assigned instance role, and are delivered through the Amazon EC2 metadata service.