Solution 5. See more: VB. type the following commands in the text file net stop w3svc net stop iisadmin net start iisadmin net start w3svc Save the file as RestartIIS.bat on to your desktop. Click Yes on the upcoming confirmation dialog to open the command prompt. Hi, i'm trying to restart iis7 (Windows Server 2008 Standard x64) from another machine using the following: iisreset [COMPUTERNAME] /restart.

IIS Stop and Restart. In the Application pool ID box, type the name of the new application pool.. type “iisreset /stop” and press enter; Command prompt will show “Attempting to Stop… whenever you want to restart your IIS...just double click the RestartIIS.bat on ur desktop. VB.NET. At the command prompt, type net stop WAS and press ENTER; type Y and then press ENTER to stop W3SVC as well. ASP.NET. I've searched around for some help and got a few different results so I'm wondering if any of these commands/batch files are better than the others for any reason?

If you change a configuration, the changes take effect immediately.

Open a new text file from notepad.

Hi Irene, Here's the method that I follow whenever I need to restart IIS. Under Application pool settings, click either Use default settings for new application pool or Use existing application pool as template. Using a command line. Hi, To create a new application pool: In IIS Manager, double-click the local computer, right-click Application Pools, point to New, and then click Application Pool.. /NOFORCE Die … In the Actions pane, click Start if you want to start the web server, Stop if you want to stop the web server, or Restart if you want to first stop IIS, and then start it again. One of the most common SysAdmin requirements when operating on a Server Farm is being able to remotely start, stop and restart an instance of IIS from a different node on the same network, maybe before issuing a backup task or a similar cron job. You also do not have to restart the Web server when you change a configuration. Restarting IIS fails from command line using IISReset /force. I'm seeing that it's not recommended to use iisreset on Server 2008 or newer?---net stop w3svc net stop iisadmin net start iisadmin net start w3svc /REBOOT Startet den Computer neu.

Open an elevated command-line window. Open Command Prompt (Admin) by right click on Windows 10 Logo start button. /REBOOTONERROR Startet den Computer neu, wenn beim Starten, Beenden oder Neustarten der Internetdienste Fehler auftreten. Toniyo Jackson.

So you would just need a script that calls IISReset with whatever switches you need. (116 vote(s)) Helpful.

They both have a –Name parameter that allows you to specify which site you want to work with. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. How to Reset IIS (Internet Information Services): NOTE: Resetting IIS will cause ALL websites being hosted on your computer to be unavailable until the reset is complete (which usually only takes a few seconds). My problem is, that it will always result in a "RPC server is not available" message. IIS. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! From time to time, I receive warning errors on the system and application logs indicating the ISAPI dll file was in a unhealthy state which triggered an app pool recycle.These errors occur during after hours and only occur an hour after the daily app pool recycle (2:00AM) There is a brief outage on one of my SharePoint applications. Top Rated; Most Recent; Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. /START Startet alle Internetdienste. Hi, How to stop and restart IIS using VB code? Hi Guys, The is my first post on IIS so thanks in advance, i have to say from the start, i know little about IIS but have a big problem so any help would be good. 5 solutions. Accept Solution Reject Solution.