Copy link Quote reply leejones45 commented Feb 17, 2018. I did submit a TS -> jsdoc equivalent PR a while back but it never made it. Thanks for your response, I know that .ts get full IDE supports. Solution. Then, 'types' can only be used in a .ts file. TS has a lot of strictness when you declare a certain type. Note that my opinion on using named exports even when there is only one export is contrary to the TypeScript … Comments .

It always gets fully erased, so there’s no remnant of it at runtime. We can see that * was somehow equivalent to exports variable. It also plays very nicely with barrel files (files that use namespace exports—export *—to export other files). Configure TypeScript to check your JavaScript files. I tried to use Vetur in my project of TypeScript with Nuxt.js. Jsdoc seems to silently fail. An example of this is shown in the "example" section of this answer . TypeScript is configured using the tsconfig.json file. We'll also be using the noEmit option, since we're only going to be using TypeScript as a type checker.

Vetur(8010) appeared.

To verify this, there should be a + sign next to the Main.ts file in the solution explorer, and the Main.js file should be under that. In spec, namespace record in star import (moment in our case) can be only a plain object, not callable (moment() is not allowed).

tsconfig.json But in js file I get full typescript support to with this configuration, the problem is vscode validate type annotation and expect it only for .ts files – Liam Mar 19 '18 at 13:12 (By default, TypeScript only checks .ts files.) It worked fine, but it wasn't compliant with es6 modules spec. What you need to do is compile the Scripts/Main.ts file to a Scripts/Main.js file (VS2013 should do this automatically for you), and then include that in the .aspx source code. 11 comments Labels. import type only imports declarations to be used for type annotations and declarations. A method decorator cannot be used in a declaration file, on an overload, or in any other ambient context (such as in a declare class). Would you show me how deal with that message when using Vetur in TypeScript with Nuxt.js?

Actual Behavior. We can’t import .d.ts types in js files like TS can. Also, I'm thinking if TypeScript allowed people to specify any file extension then you'd get all these insane people in the JavaScript community who would input *.js files and be like "yeah I only write standards compliant JS, I only use TS for type checking", but their code is littered with non-standard type annotations (cough Flow users cough). However, I found this message didn't appear when I tried to use Vetur in a project of TypeScript with Vue CLI. external triaged waiting-for-clarification.

The decorator is applied to the Property Descriptor for the method, and can be used to observe, modify, or replace a method definition. Similarly, export type only provides an export that can be used for type contexts, and is also erased from TypeScript’s output.